Hello World! I am Sumit Suthar - Full Stack Software Developer and freelancer living in adorable lakecity Udaipur, working for AppPerfect Corporation, focusing all my efforts on creating useful software products. One day I hope to make something that proud my friends & family :)

I completed my B.Tech degree in the field of Computer Science & Engineering from College of Technology And Engineering Udaipur. I’m passionate about exploring new technologies. Love to code in Java, Python and JavaScript. I'm a senior programmer with good knowledge of front-end as well as back-end technologies with strong problem solving and debugging skills.

I am passionate about interactive media, and in the era of digitalization I believe bringing design to life with code is essential. So, I specialize in a multi-disciplined approach to my work incorporating design and development. Some of the work which inspired me is listed in subsequent section. Have a look, they are awesome:)

Professional Skills
Work Experience

July 2016 - Present

AppPerfect Corp.

Working as a Full Stack Developer for in-house products as well as client projects. My core duty includes: Design & implement intuitive & responsive web applications. Analyze new technologies in order to improve performance of existing and new products. I researched & developed runtime instrumentation tools for scripting languages such as Java, Python, PHP and Node.js. Experienced with OWASP top 10 application security vulnerabilities and their mitigation solutions.


HCL Technologies
Academic Internship

Worked on online store, a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser.


2017 - present

Docker Container And WebApplication Security
Cyber Security Engineer

Docker continer security product is an automated and scalable docker container security solution which secures container or webapplication against possible threats including zeroday attacks, SQL injection, Cross site scripting, Server side request forgery, Remote code execution, Javascript injection, NoSQL injection, Insecure Deserialization, SSJS, Path traversal, Application Integrity, LDAP and XPATH attacks. Developed runtime application self protection(RASP) and control flow integrity(CFI) solutions for Java and Node.js. Researched & developed software vulnerability detection & mitigation methodologies. Develpoed async context propagation solution for Node.js

Technology Used: Java, Node, Pyhton, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, JSONB, Docker, Unix Domain Socket, AWS, JIRA, GIT, Confluence, Maven


Agentless Monitor
Java Web Developer

Agentless monitor is a monitoring system to monitor entire IT infrastructure, including servers (cpu/memory/disk/processes), Java/J2EE app servers, databases, any SNMP device, Web/email servers, custom log files etc

Technology Used: Java, J2EE, Tomcat, JAX-RS (REST Jersey framework), HSQL, REST API, Maven, Mantis, GIT


Full Stack Java Developer

Exilend is Friends & Family Lending platform which brings lenders and borrowers together and helps create & track loans, provides payment reminders, extensive reports and related features.

Technology Used: Java, J2EE, Tomcat, AngularJS 1.x, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Maven, GIT, Mantis


The Foodle
Lead Backend Developer

Created a web app developed in Python Django, for helping people to discover great places and foods around them. It also helps people to share food and table with friends or family. User can share review for a specific dish or on a restaurant. Developed recommendation engine to suggest great food to it's user.

Technology Used: Python, Django, Sqlite3, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Widget-tweak, Jinja2


Web Scrapper
Python Developer

Developed a Web Scrapper written in Python which grabs all the URL of a website and download all images from all the webpages.

Technology Used: Python 2.7


PHP Developer

Developed a Content Management System for articles publication.

Technology Used: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL


Apart from being a computer geek, I am passionate about stock market and cryptocurrencies. Besides this, I enjoy exploring new places, travelling, food, writing, music, movies and long walk:)

Programmer | Entrepreneur | Writer | Blogger | Trader | Singer

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